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The Outsider [04 May 2004|08:43pm]
[ mood | drained ]

"The Outsider"
A Perfect Circle

Help me if you can
It's just that this, this is not the way I'm wired
So could you please,

Help me understand why
You've given in to all these
Reckless dark desires

You're lying to yourself again
Suicidal imbecile
Think about it, put it on the fault line
What'll it take to get it through to you precious
Over this. Why do you wanna throw it away like this?
Such a mess. I don't want to watch you.

Disconnect and self destruct one bullet at a time
What's your rush now, everyone will have his day to die

Medicated, drama queen, picture perfect, numb belligerence
Narcissistic, drama queen, craving fame and all its decadence

Lying through your teeth again
Suicidal imbecile
Think about it, put it on the fault line
What'll it take to get it through to you precious?
Go with this, why do you wanna throw it away like this
Such a mess, I don't wanna watch you...

Disconnect and self destruct one bullet at a time
What's your rush now, everyone will have his day to die

They were right about you
They were right about you

Lying to my face again
Suicidal imbecile
Think about it put it on the fault line
What'll it take to get it through to you precious?
Over this, why do you wanna throw it away like this
Such a mess, come to this, come to this

Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet at a time
What's your hurry, everyone will have his day to die
If you choose to pull the trigger, should your drama prove sincere,
Do it somewhere far away from here!

I don't know what weird obsession I have with this song, btu it's quickly becoming a favourite...

(Waltz to Scum and Bass)

I don't know what to think... [04 May 2004|06:00pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Ben came up and talked to me today a few minutes before I had to leave for the bus. I was really uncomfortable. He said I taught him a lesson, but I shouldn't have been the one to teach it. I told him that I hope he doesn't think I'll forgive him for what he did to Beth and me right now. He really hurt me. I don't know what to think. I want to forgive him for what he did, but there's this voice in me that reminds me of what he's done to hurt me. I really loved Ben. I let him into my heart faster than I've ever let anyone in, including Beth. There was a little voice that told me to take a chance, and i got hurt by it. I don't know when I'll forgive him, but not just yet.

I actually told Gary that his "habits" bother me. I'm kind of proud of myself. It really does bother me how much he does it, it seems like he's throwing his life away. Yes, he's got that tumor, yes, it could kill him, but why not make the best of life right now instead of wasting it away? I know it bothers Mia, she's told me. It bothers me that she won't say anything about what we were talking about on Friday. It also bothers me that she won't say anything about these "habits" that I KNOW bother her. Oh well, she chose to date him. It's her own damn fault. If she would have just been honest in the first place, she wouldn't be in this mess...

This is my problem. I think about everyone else ahead of me. I need to focus on me now, on my life, and on my grades. I put everyone else's problems ahead of me, and while being a good friend, I'm messing up my GPA which can screw me over in the long run. I've got to get better grades. I HAVE to. I just don't know how to. I've just got to force myself to do these things, and not wait around until the last minute worrying about everyone else. Yes, I love my friends, but I can't take on their problems as my own and figure out how to solve them for them. They should figure it out themselves. I understand how I let Ben use me. I was at fault too, but he took advantage of me, and that's what I hate.

(Waltz to Scum and Bass)

Confused [02 May 2004|01:20am]
[ mood | Meh. M-E-H. Meh. ]

I'm actually confused now. I just noticed that Ben unblocked me. That kind of makes me nervous. He gave me the impression that he never wanted to speak to me again, by the ways he looks at me and how he stops talking when I pass him in the hallways and such, and then makes it possible for me to talk to him? I don't understand. Maybe it goes with the name...

Ben is dating Chelsie. I hate Ben, and he doesn't deserve Chelsie. He never deserved Beth last year, she's WAY too good for him, anyways. Chelsie is too good for him too. Everyone and anyone, even the lowest whore out there, is too good for that asshole. He doesn't even deserve his own fucking hand. I hate how he treated Brandy, I hate how he treated Beth, I hate how he treats me like I can make Beth talk to him again... I don't want to see Chelsie in tears over him, because she doesn't deserve that. She's such a good person, despite the occurences we've had in the past. Well, the good thing is, he's a senior this year, and after June 6th, I'll never have to see that manipulative bastard again. That's a good thing.

Back to the other Ben, I don't get it. It seems he's already replaced me with Sophie, so why does he go and do this? Maybe I'm making too big of a deal over it, but I'm really confused. Yes, I did love Ben at one point, he was like a brother to me before he used me. And now I can't look at him the same way. That happens with almost everyone I let know me. I guess it's inevitable, except with Beth... I really just want to sort things out with Ben. I truly hate how things ended. I hate how it's all weird when we're in the same room and how I cringe at his name in disgust. I hate what he did to me, and I hate what he did to Beth even more, and I am by no means forgiving him of this, but I want things to have ended peacefully, and then maybe we can stand each other. He has said a lot of things that have hurt me and never once apologized. Not even one "I'm sorry, Jenn." to my face.

Now for something funny. Gary, Trekky, David, and Joe came over tonight (from David's house.) Imagine the four of them in Trekky's mini-coop! Heh, then they were all going to Gary's to spend the night, right? I look out the window to see Trekky driving off and Joe and David chasing after the car. Gary's in here putting on his shoes and laughing at them. He leaves, Trekky comes back (after some yelling...) and they drive by about an hour later honking the horn and having Joe scream out the window. It was really funny, but probably pissed off a few of my neighbours. Heh, it was cool.

Grr... my stupid CD is skipping! Rabble. Maybe it's my CD case that scratches them so badly... Oh well. That just pisses me off because it completely fucked up my Golden Age disc. When you fuck with one of my Manson CDs, I get really pissed. It'd be like taking candy from an NRA member... Haha! I like that! Heehee. Hey, all the old L3FT songs work. Their new CD kicks some majour ass!!! I love Greg so much for getting me into them...

YAY! My brithday is coming up! I'll get money, then I'll go look for a job. Gary said he can't see me having a job, which kind of pisses me off, but I'll show him! May 19th, and I'm 16! That's... 17 days from now! I can't wait! I'm gonna have a party and watch horror films! It'll be SO awesome!!!

The extravaganza is coming up! I'm so excited! We get to play music from Pirates of the Caribbean this year! It's going to be so much fun. The only bad part is that we have to play with the Freshman. Blech. Listening to them in the morning seriously hurts my ears. The trumpets are too loud, they're all out of tune, no one cares about the actual musicality of the class, it sounds like my class! I can't wait for Symphonic next year. I'm gonna need pants though, because I can't play in a skirt with my horn on my lap. Anyways, extravaganza, May 16th (I think... it's on a Sunday) at 2 pm in the WKHS Competition Gym. (There are two, it's the bigger one. Not the one all the way in the back, the one before that...) EVERYONE SHOULD GO!!!

Art House was awesome. Brandy can really, really sing! I LOVE her song! And I never really realized how good of artists Linworth has... Makes me feel inferior, because I can't draw, but then again, it's really awesome to see that our school shines like that. It really makes me appreciate being in a place that lets us have the freedom to express ourselves. Plus, Brian Carnahan's "Collage 'o' Asses from Camp Christian (which is really Camp Lazarus)" as I call it was really funny. The only bad thing is, Porsche's gross, fat ass was on there.

I can't think of anything else to put in here, and seeing as I've already put in another public entry for tonight, I'm gonna go watch the South Park movie on TV that Mom said I'm not allowed to see ever.

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All right... [02 May 2004|12:13am]
[ mood | depressed ]

I officially feel like shit now. I wish Ann would have left that topic up a little longer so I could see why she didn't want writers anymore... I wanted to do that interview so badly! I even asked her about it months in advance... I'll still do it if she wants me too, but I feel like she is getting ready to close the MR forum. I don't think I could do without that place, honestly. I love it, and I love the people there. I feel like Ann just doesn't want to deal with all of us anymore, and if she doesn't... I don't know. I really hope that's not the case. I've made some amazing friends there that I never want to lose, ever. That place means so much to so many of us. She took away three of the mini-forums in the place, and made it so much smaller. I feel like it's a completely different forum... I hate that. I love MR, but if it keeps getting smaller, it might disappear. I hope she still wants my help, because I LOVE helping her so much. It means way too much to me to let it go. I want to write, and I want it to be for something I love. This is something I love. This is something I devote my time to. This means almost as much to me as the music I wrote about itself. Maybe even more. That place has been there for me through some of the worst times in the past year, and I can't do without it. I just.. can't. It makes me sad to see that the forum is so much smaller than it was before. That place means the world to me... I don't understand why she needs to do this. I know everyone that loves that place would be willing to help in any way possible. If I could, I'd give money to them, but I have none, so I can give none. I've done two interviews and a review for them, but I want to do so much more. Transcribing is very tiresome and extremely boring, but I love knowing that I'm helping a community I love so much. If it weren't for that place, I'd be in a worse place with myself right now...

(Waltz to Scum and Bass)

Born in a Burial Gown [01 May 2004|04:07pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Sibilant and macabre
Walpurgis sauntered in
Skies litten with five-pointed stars
The work of crafts surpassing sin
As She graced Her window ledge
- An orphaned gypsy nymph
This issue of the forest's bed
Skin flushed with sipped absinthe -
Her eyes revealed, as Brocken's peak
Tried once concealing Hell
A snow white line of divine freaks
In riot, where they fell...

The circus lurches in, a ring of promised delight
For seven days and seven festival nights
What wicked wonders lie within the comfines
Of the panther's den

She watches from a maypole, on the rip of Her tongue
The restless spirit of Christmas to come
A Gretel sick of merely sucking Her thumb
Than gingerbread men

Spawned scorned, abhorred by the aerial
She was the light of the world going down
War-torn, forlorn and malarial
She was found
Born in a burial gown

Unloosed, the chain of Her god-given cross
Seduced, now pagan ribbons swathe Her repose
In a carnival of souls sold and similarly lost

Too many decades misfit and mislaid
In innocence, a tender legend of prey
Parades Her second coming, now they're running afraid

Spawned scorned, abhorred by the aerial
She was the light of the world going down
War-torn, forlorn and malarial
She was found
Born in a burial gown

Now She moves with a predator's guile
Beyond the firelit circle of life
She soothes your cold heart for a while
Then matches it's beat, synching in with a knife
She wrestles Her dreams with a delicate case
Espied by Her cross on the wall
And should She awake, through embrace or mistake
She would take Jesus
Bless foot forward and all...

Sibiliant and at last
The circus crawled away
With another lover in its arms
Dancing on Her grave...

I love Cradle of Filth... They're so british... I love it.

(Waltz to Scum and Bass)

Survey [25 Apr 2004|04:41pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Another Survey I stole from JohnnyCollapse )

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I am so bored. [14 Apr 2004|06:48am]
[ mood | bored ]

We have a 3A 3B schedule today, which means we have an assembly. So, I have until 11:00 to do absofuckinglutely NOTHING!!! I'm so bored. I re-read Ella Enchanted. I know why I'll never see the movie. The plot in the movie is wrong. She doesn't go on a trip to save the prince, she goes to finishing school, and then to a giant's wedding to undo her obedience curse. The book is very well written, and would make a very intersting chick flick movie, but that's not going to sell big in these days. I hate that they fucked up the book so badly in making it a movie. *sigh* But what can i do about it?

I have a slinky. I stole it from Joe, because he took the keychain that used to amuse me when I was bored. Now I have his slinky. Fifth period i'm going to send it down some stairs. Probably the senior hallway, because that's the biggest hallway with no turns. Slinky can't do turns.

I'm hearing classical music somewhere. i don't know if it's in my head or coming from Jen's room, but it's really nice. That reminds me, I get to do a report on Beethoven's fifth symphony for german class to raise last wuarter's grade a bit. Nothing is set in stone. She'll give me 50 points, which will raise my grade the 11% I need to pass with a D-.

I slept from 6.10 to 9.25 yesterday to get away from my family, because I was being yelled at for nothing again.

This morning my toaster tried to commit suicide. It burned itself from the inside out. the toaster doesn't pop up. So the toast caught on fire, and now I smell (I mean REALLY smell) like smoke. Stupid house. I opened up the back door, and it kept the smoke in somehow, so I had to fan out the smoke with a pillow, but then the fire alarm went off. Fun morning. I'm definitely awake!

Ann is pissed off at all the writers that don't help, but i know she isn't talking about me. i just got an interview transcribed for her on Monday. I'll work on reviewing Holy Wood for her, and if she's got another interview, that'd be helpful. i wonder if they've added the fact that john 5 is gone from Manson and Tim Skold is now lead guitar now to the news. (Which sucks, because Tim was a fucking AWESOME bassist!!!) Oh well, it makes me sad though.

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Canadian Blob, eh? [10 Apr 2004|12:06pm]
This is funny.

Adopt your own useless blob!

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[08 Apr 2004|04:32pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Ben said in his journal that he misses me. I don't care. He hurt me really badly and never even had the fucking audacity to say he was sorry. If he was sorry, he'd have said it by now. I only read that because Keegan told me to.

No idea what's goin' on
I don't know what's real
When everything's made of plastic
I just want to feel.

That was fun to write. Wrote it last night.

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Bored [27 Mar 2004|01:18am]
I got an email from Beth today, and I'm curious to see that she has for me. She says it'll make me laugh. I miss her a lot. She says french school is funny. That the History teacher yells at them and does random things. This is the email from BethCollapse )

(Waltz to Scum and Bass)

Oh, God... [25 Mar 2004|03:53am]
[ mood | bored ]

Ever get those feelings where you're just staring at something, and all of a sudden you feel liek you're moving really fast, ad you can't see anything, and then in a few seconds, it's over? Man, I hate that.

Inyuasha just ended. That's a cool show. I like that and Witch Hunter Robin. Cowboy Bebop is too weird for me. Anime is weird too. So melodramatic.

What the hell am I doing up at this hour? I woke up JUST before sunrise, then fell back to sleep once it was over... that was weird... It's about 4 am right now. I can't sleep. Lalala. My goal this break was to stay up until 3 am, the go to sleep. It's four now, and I'm not even yawning. I wonder why. It used to be my medication, but I'm not taking that, I just don't want to over break.

I can't wait for this summer! My plans:
Ozzfest 2004 - July 20th
Projekt Revolution - July 24th (Grr... Snoop Dogg...)
[Lacuna Coil - May 15th (Maybe. Beth'll have to go with me, and sit through POD again) Not really summer, but I thought I'd throw it in here]
See Beth
See Keegan
See Ashley
See Brad
See all my other friends...
Work (Once I get a fucking job)
Get a car
Get my liscence in the end of September.
Cry because Mia's leaving
Play bass
Hold an ACTUAL band practice
Work on FI logo
Make money to give to MR
Transcribe Interviews
Write more reviews

I might get the newest Tantric CD to review. I like them pretty well from what I've heard on the radio. I'm not a hardcore fan or anything, but they're good. See what MR is doing for my [non-exsistent] career already?! And my mom says it's a waste of my time...

I figured out how to make my own radio station using Musicmatch. It's neat. Plays a lot of Manson and Filth. Not enough Disturbed for my liking though, and NO MD or LP. That's annoying. Too much Metallica. I really don't like them...

I miss Beth. She needs to come back from France already. She comes back in six days! ^_^ I hope she has fun and takes TONS of pictures! I want to hear about EVERYTHING that went on when she gets back. I've been stuck talking to Keegan while she's been gone. (I love you, Keegan! ^_^)

Blah. I have nothing to put there now. I'm typing everything I'm thinking right now, so you can see how boring my mind is. Dani Filth is hot, but not as hot as Pogo. D-E-A-D That's how I wanna be! Screamy, screamy, screamy, what's with all the screamy? I want some Taquito's... 4.10 and all is boring. DAMMIT!!! METALLICA AGAIN!!! Ooh, now it's CoF, Lustmord and Wargasm (The Lick of the Carnivirous Wounds). Fun song, this is. I have a CD with it on there. Lovecraft and Witch Hearts. My only CoF CD. I LOVE Amor E Morte. Pleh. I'm done here. 4.13

(Waltz to Scum and Bass)

What would I do...? [24 Mar 2004|07:43pm]
[ mood | happy ]

What would I do without the Refuge? Seriously, that place has helped me through everything I've ever gone through. I can't believe I found that place. If I hadn't, what would everything be like? I might even be dead right now. Hell, I don't know. I just... if I didn't have that place, I'd seriously cry. I hope nothing happens to that place, but why would it? Everything's going so well! God, that place means the world to me.

(Waltz to Scum and Bass)

ROCK!!! Is deader than dead! SHOCK!!! Is all in your head! [24 Mar 2004|05:45pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Rock Is Dead
Rock is Dead - Individuality is a rare thing in
today's world of sheep, so you are trying your
hardest to preserve yourself as an individual.

which Marilyn Manson song are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

My house is getting new siding, and I'm tempted to bang on the walls because that's all I've been hearing for 5.5 hours now!!!

(Waltz to Scum and Bass)

I'm watching pooh bear! [20 Mar 2004|06:01am]
[ mood | awake ]

Gotta get up, I gotta get goin'
I'm gonna see a friend of mine
He's round and he's fuzzy
I love him because
He's just Pooh Bear, Winnie the Pooh Bear

Lookin' for fun, chasin' some hunny bees
Pooh Bear I know he's out there
Rumblee tumblee, climin' a hunny tree
Fun never ends for us, we're so adventurous
Least every now and again

And when we're alone and there's nobody home
It's nice to be able to count on a friend
Like Pooh Bear, Winnie the Pooh Bear
Wherever you go, oh won't you take me please
Pooh Bear, I gotta be there

It's me and it's you
Silly old Winnie the Pooh . .


It's cute. I love Pooh Bear! It's so awesome! I used to watch this all the time when I was little.

We got Adobe CS, and it's like learning 6.0 all over again. Soon I'll become more compatible with it though.

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I might... [08 Mar 2004|06:15pm]
[ mood | confused ]

...become a vampire. I don't know if I should... Anyone want to give me advice?

(Krissy, I'm talking to you here!)

(Waltz to Scum and Bass)

IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY!!! [06 Mar 2004|06:37pm]
[ mood | okay ]

AaAaAa!!! I woke up this morning and just smiled! I know that he's happy right now. You're always happy on your birthday. He's probably smiling right now... ^_^ I made 6 heart shaped muffins in honour of his turning 40-ness. Krissy's right.. he still IS dead sexy! He's not just hot, but he's got a really good, intellectual mind. DOUBLE THREAT!!! Muahahaha. KRISSY: We need to steal him!!! (He can live in my "living" room, and you can live with me, too!

(Waltz to Scum and Bass)

Survey I stole from Johnny [04 Mar 2004|04:18pm]
[ mood | worried ]

have you...
x. Fallen for your best guy/girl friend - Yes... not saying who though.
x. Been rejected - I don't ask, so I can't be rejected.
x. Been in love - I don't think so.
x. Cheated on someone - No
x. Been cheated on - Yes
x. Done something you regret - Yes

Who was the last person..
x. You touched - Beth
x. You talked to - Keegan
x. You hugged - Beth
x. You instant messaged - Cathy
x. You yelled at - My mom.
x. You kissed - My doggie.
x. You laughed with - Beth
x. You had a crush on - Greg
x. Who broke your heart - Katie, but not in a romantic way.

do you..
x. Color your hair - On my hair with permanent marker. But mom doesn't let me dye it.
x. Have tattoos - When Jake drew on my arm... it's STILL not gone, and it's been over a week!
x. Piercings - My ears
x. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both - Keegan... Muahahaha
x. Ever get off the computer - Yes.
x. Sprechen sie deutsche - Jawohl. Ich leibe Duetsch, abe ich hasse meine Leherin...
x. Habla espanol - No... Srpeche ich Deutsch.

Have u/do u/do u have..
x. Obsession - Pogo
x. Obsessive compulsive - Somewhat
x. Panic - attacks? Yes
x. Anxiety- attacks? Yes
x. Depressed - Without medication
x. Suicidal - I used to be, but now I love life too much.
x. Obsessed with hate - I have a lot of anger, but not much hate.
x. If you could be anywhere, where would you go- To find Pogo.
x. What are you listening to - Cradle of Filth
x. Can you do anything freakish with your body - With my mouth... (That sounds wrong. I play instruments IN BAND)
x. Current Mood - Mixed between concern and tiredness
x. Current Annoyance - Alyssa making Lizz's heart hurt her.
x. Current thing I ought to be doing - German homework
x. Current Worry - Fairness meeting...

Are you..
x. Understanding - If things are explained right.
x. Open-minded - Extremely
x. Insecure - Sometimes, but it's human nature. Usually I'm really secure.
x. Hungry - Now? No.
x. Friendly - Try to be, but people piss me off
x. Smart - I know a lot, I just can't remember it at the right times.
x. Moody - Without medication
x. Childish - Sometimes
x. Independent - Yes
x. Hard working - Depends on what I'm working on.
x. Organized - Hell no!
x. Healthy - If vegetarians are healthy... but not really/.
x. Shy - No
x. Difficult - Most Times
x. Attractive - Not really
x. Bored Easily - Yes.
x. Thirsty - Now? Yeah. I want orange juice
x. Responsible - Not really
x. Sad - Without medication
x. Happy - With medication
x. Trusting - Not really
x. Talkative - Yes
x. Unique - I only know one person who's remotely like me.
x. Needy - Most times

Who do you want to..
x. Kill - Avril Lavigne, Joe Fusco
x. Slap - Amanda, Alyssa (for making Lizz's heart hurt and making her cry because she was scared.)
x. Look like - Myself
x. Be like - Myself

On you..
x. Name - Jenn Schnaudt
x. Nicknames - Jenn, JenN, Jenna, Chipmunk, Marilyn Manson (I STILL don't get it.)
x. Age - 15
x. Hair color - Blonde with a little bit of red still stained in my hair, it's not noticable unless pointed out.
x. Birthday - 5-19-1988
x. Eye Color - Green
x. How do you describe yourself - Esotericly pensive, hyperactive, more than I seem, intouch with myself, but not reality
x. What's your sign - Taurus
x. Do you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend - I have a girlfriend... (lmao) Keegan

On friends..
x. Best Friend(s) - Beth
x. Best net friend(s) - Krissy
x. Friend(s) you go to for advice - Beth
x. Friend(s) you have the most fun with - Beth and Keegan
x. Friend(s) you've dreamt about - Beth, Keegan, Katie, Johnny (oddly enough), Lizz (Miller), Krissy (though she didn't speak), Greg (Big Greg), Gary, Brad, Most of my friends actually...
x. Friend(s) you tell secrets to - Beth

On preferences..
x. Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend - Perfect friend.
x. Sweet or sour - Sweet...
x. Root Beer or Dr. Pepper - Dr Pepper. (There's no '.' on the bottle!!!)
x. Sappy/action/comedy/horror - HORROR!!!
x. Cats or dogs - Cats, they listen a lot better.
x. Ocean or Pool - Pool; it's cleaner.
x. Cooler Ranch or Nacho Cheesier - Cooler Ranch
x. Mud or Jell-O wrestling - Mud... Keegans and Beth should get this...
x. With or without ice-cubes - with
x. Shine or rain - Rain, MmMmMm... walks in the rain are wonderful for thinking...
x. Winter/Spring/Summer/ - Fall.
x. Vanilla or Chocolate - Chocolate
x. Snowboarding or skiing - Snowboarding
x. Eyes open or closed - Closed. Then I can dream.
x. Fly or breathe under water - Breathe underwater. That'd be cool.
x. Bunk bed or water bed - I have a bunk bed and my twin has a waterbed. I like them both
x. Chewing gum or hard candy - Gum
x. Motor boat or sailboat - I don't like boats
x. Lights on or off - Off

What's your favorite..
x. Number - 5
x. Holiday - My birthday
x. Radio station - 99.7 The Blitz
x. Place - A dark forrest when it's raining.

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You know what? [27 Feb 2004|04:22pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

I have a new theme for this year. Last year was like the "Getting to know myself" year, and this year, I want it to be "Resolve old rivals" year. I want to actually talk to my enemies. I was talking to Amanda today. I don't want to befriend her, but at least I know I can TALK to her. I'd like to talk to Corena too. I feel like I've judged her without knowing her at all. I don't even know her last name. I'd hate to be the person that always goes off first impressions. (Even though I do that a lot. I AM, however, proven wrong many times.) I feel like this is going to be one of the nest years of my life. ("Call it EPSN, or women's intuition, I just feel it!") Things are going well, and I'm in a good mood right now... I hope this stays, I feel very... pleasant now, it's cool. I feel the way I used to all the time. I really hope this year turns out well. So far, it hasn't been the best, but it's been better than the others.

It feels like spring today. I like this weather. It's the kind of weather where I can take long walks with Duke and walk him through the woods with me and all that funness. I think I'll do that later, before it gets dark. That sounds good.

Mom works this weekend, I wonder if we'll do it then or just forget about it. I hope we don't, and I hope we go and do it tomorrow. (Don't ask me what this is about, I won't tell. Beth and Keegan know, and they won't either.)

I've started reading The Vampire Lestat. It's very well written, very good with imagery. Anne Rice is a genius.

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Pogo pictures!!! [12 Feb 2004|06:35pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Oh so hot... *drool*

Nice view of Pogo's ass if I do say so myself.

Welcome to the Circus.

Aww... so cute!


Tsk tsk. Pogo's bad habit.

He so scared! (One of my favourites.)

So concentrated. (Another favourite.)

Not just Pogo, but doesn't he look annoyed? (From left: Ginger Fish, Zim Zum, Twiggy (In back), Marilyn Manson, POGO!

Enough for now, but I'll post more later!

(I think I'm a bit too obsessed. I have 72 DIFFERENT pictures of him saved to my computer... Not to mention all the ones in my room...)

(2 are married to the pain | Waltz to Scum and Bass)

[07 Feb 2004|08:32pm]
[ mood | numb ]

I can feel it all coming back again. I don't know if I can take it again. I'm not as strong as I was the first time.

I'm beginning to wonder if I've made a mistake.

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